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Barb Buddy

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Barb Buddy Float Test!

Created by Captain Big Fish

Barb Buddy is a convenient tackle storage system to keep every last one of your fishing rigs tangle-free, neatly organized, and ready to transport to the pier, beach, or boat. After another amazing day of fishing, hang the Barb Buddy for easy-breezy cleaning!

Your Barb Buddy is a 2-part system. Using your own 3-6.5 gallon bucket, snap on the hard plastic ring fitted with holes to secure your lure hooks, then seal it with the soft rubber cover that keeps your rigs dry, helps your bucket float, and also doubles as a seat!

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread...And I Love Bread

...and keeping things clean, the shinier the better. Keeps all those lures shiny and momma happy with no stinky mess.

The Wife

No More Mess, No More Fuss

Tidy little stack of buckets in the corner, over 300 lures inside...wife never sees scattered hooks, or how many I have.


...you know you want one...or three...and two more for your friends...scroll back up and click a few more buttons and you'll be fishing with your Barb Buddy on the next trip.